What is Digital Product Design?

Design is everywhere; just look around you. Mostly everything tangible or digital at this very moment was an idea created by someone. It’s not just limited to how something looks; design can speak to us and communicate subconsciously.

It’s an art form with many levels and depth and has been used for years in the digital market. This is where hopefully, you, an aspiring Digital Product Designer, come in. You may have many questions about precisely what that is; well, don’t worry, we’re here to explain.

What is a Digital Product Designer?

Let’s break this down from the very beginning. A Digital Product Designer, aka Product Designer, is a person who has a wide range of responsibilities involved in creating a digital product. They locate holes within the product, communicate externally with co-workers or employers, and externally with users to solve those problems or improve.

In addition, they work with UI, UX, code, and design to get a product up and running smoothly. The said product could be a variety of digital things such as a game, app, or anything with an interface. In simple terms, what users see on the screen of their phone, computer, etc., a product designer designed.

Who needs a Product Designer?

Well, more or less every company that deals with anything online or digitally. So it goes without saying that the options for employment are endless in today’s day and age. If a website needs an interface update if a new app needs to be created and developed, if a gaming or software company is looking for a team of designers, and so on, you get the point.

A good designer is always sought after; your options can be either freelance or full-time employment within a company, depending on your preference.

We know what a product designer is, but what do they do?

Every day can be an adventure for a Product Designer because their roles, as mentioned previously, jump around from various places. One day you’ll be in meetings with employers, users, or colleagues, and the next, you are sitting alone and sketching new concept designs for the product.

It’s a little bit of art mixed in with a lot of business and marketing research. It’s a marriage of the two worlds, with you in the middle, running around and connecting the dots. Creativity is critical to jump ahead of competitors with a fresh design that’s been tested and crafted well for a targeted market.