Product Management

Understanding and representing user needs.

Creating a shared brain across larger teams

to empower independent decision making.

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Product Manager

Core competencies, emotional intelligence, and company fit.

User Experience Process
Besides, I'm Scrum Certified

Product Management Process

  • 1
    Running design sprints
  • 2
    The art of resource allocation
  • 3
    Translating business-to-technical requirements
  • 4
    Pricing and revenue modeling
  • 5
    Defining and tracking success metrics
A Good Product Manager

A good PM may know the dos and don’ts of a customer interview,  but the best PMs have the ability to empathize with customers in that interview.

UI Components
I'm here to help you

I'll help you end-to-end to build products that deliver.

Marketing Guru

Spoke about life, marketing and design world in the TEDxZJSU 2019

Design Thinking Coach

I love to apply Design Thinking to companies and improve their creativy
World Class UX/UI

You name it

Dashboards, mobile app, websites, graphics, icons, etc. I can do it for you
Let's start creating magic together.
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