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Senior Product Designer

My name is Carlos and mission is to help your business grow through my conversion-focused design, marketing, and communication expertise.

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I am a senior digital designer with a diverse and in-depth skillset.

I've been working in the UX/UI field for over 12 years and I enjoy tackling new challenges.

A Costa Rican native and current China transplant...

MBA, Senior Designer + Software Eng

Living as an expat in Shenzhen, I'm always out of my comfort zone - which has allowed me to stretch my creative skills.

Web Development

Making engaging websites

I can develop a responsive and engaging website using webflow in record time for you.
Experiential design with strategy.

Unlike most consultants, I don’t come assuming that I know everything and that I'm only here to teach. For me, each brand has its own roots and heritage that have to be understood, interpreted, and examined carefully.

User Experience Process
UI/UX Design

User experience process

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    User Testing
  • 4
    Look & Feel Design (UI)
Master in UI

I have created beautiful and functional UI elements that will improve the usability of your idea or product.

UI Components
Design Thinking

The beauty of design thinking appears when we accept that much of reality is ineffable -and so to understand it, we can't rely on words alone.

Marketing 101

Let me help you launching your product or sevice

  • 1
    Increase Product Ranking
  • 2
    Focused Google Ads
  • 3
    Cold Emailing Strategy
  • 4
    Lead Generation & Localization
  • 5
    Influencer Marketing
Lottie animations

Benefits of having lottie animations

  • 1
    It' s cross-platform
  • 2
    Allows quick and easy animation modification
  • 3
    Increase the value of your product
  • 4
    Simplifies animation processes between designer and developer
  • 5
    Reduces loading time
I'm here to help you

I'll help you end-to-end in building products that delight and deliver.

International TEDx Speaker

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Design Thinking Coach

I love to apply Design Thinking to help companies expand upon their creative, design, and project management processes.
World Class UX/UI
I think about the end user. How will the product improve their lives? 

Small Enough To Care,

Big Enough To Deliver

Over 100 projects
12 years of experience
International Talent
Awarded in Hangzhou & Shenzhen as one of the most talented foreigners
Digital Nomad
Traveling the world capturing new knowledge and keeping my ideas fresh

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