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About the Episode

An interview with Carlos Lastres. Carlos is the Creative & Marketing Director at Kaiyan Medical, a Chinese company creating light therapy products. Carlos is obviously an advocate for light therapy but also an engineer turned designer who is loving life in China.

We talk about a lot, including:

  • Light therapy - what the heck is it? Does it really work?
  • How he became a convert to light therapy by chance when working on a design brief for Kaiyan Medical and why he decided to stay
  • Some of the differences and similarities between creating digital products & hardware products
  • How 3D printing makes all the difference when trying to get an MVP out of a hardware product
  • How his frustration with badly designed software applications as a developer led him to pursue a career in product design
  • How he went from an MBA and software development background to developing the design hard skills he needed
  • How Chinese startups build products and how is it so different from how Western countries do it
  • Whether Chinese users appreciate the constant flow of limited MVPs or whether it limits the ability to truly learn
  • How he got involved with TEDx, how it went, and why you shouldn't follow your dreams

And much more!

Contact Carlos

You can reach out to Carlos on LinkedIn or LastresCarlos.com.

You can check out Kaiyan Medical on KaiyanMedical.com.

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