Far too often, illustrations are an afterthought or completely overlooked. But when done right, they unlock immense potential for communicating complex ideas, guiding users, building brand affinity, conveying emotion, and helping products stand out in a crowded market.

Onboarding flows and complex features become delightful and easy to understand with the right illustration paired with instructions. When users encounter errors or empty states, illustrations keep them engaged rather than frustrated. Brand mascots and cohesive graphic styles turn digital experiences into engaging brand touchpoints. Even leveraging animated illustrations can make products more dynamic and enjoyable to interact with.

And most importantly - illustrations make products more human. They allow brands to connect on an emotional level, build affinity that sparks joy and loyalty, and ultimately create meaning through visual storytelling hand-in-hand with the functionality. Massively successful products like Dropbox and Slack leverage whimsical, engaging illustration as core parts of their experience.